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Selling Your Home: The Do’s And Don’ts

Selling Your Home: The Do’s And Don’ts

Nashville is now a sellers’ market, and this is great news if you’re unloading your home. Home sales in 2016 were the highest in a decade, and real estate website Zillow has recently ranked the city #1 on their list of the Hottest Housing Markets for 2017.

The favorable market conditions, however, don’t guarantee that you’ll get top dollar for your property if you don’t put in the hard work. Home buying practices have changed considerably over the years and buyers are now more cautious in their home selection.

To get the best possible returns for your property, you need to take the proper steps to attract the right buyers. Here are some home selling do’s and don’ts to consider:

1. Do work with a real estate professional.
It’s easy to think that you can go it alone especially if you live in a sought-after neighborhood. But without guidance from an experienced real estate agent, you can make common mistakes that could leave your home on the market longer than necessary, or get you less money than you deserve.

With their knowhow and market savvy, real estate professionals can guide you through every step of the home selling process, from pricing your home right and preparing it for viewing, to marketing it on the right channels, negotiating with buyers, and making sure all needed documents are prepared and filed accurately and on time. Unless you have considerable experience in home buying and selling, you’d do well to work with a market expert.

2. Don’t overprice your home.
Many sellers make the mistake of asking too much for their home based on guesswork and details like the improvements they’ve made or how much they bought the property for. Overpricing can drive away potential buyers and discourage them from making an offer.

A real estate professional can help you price your home accurately by preparing a comparative market analysis. This considers factors like home selling trends in your neighborhood, comparable home sales, and the desirability of your property.

3. Do market your home adequately.
A large majority of homebuyers start their search for a new home on the Internet. With the competition for buyers, it’s important to get your home listed on the right websites. You also have to make sure your listing is as effective as possible by using attractive photographs and catchy descriptions.

A real estate professional can help you come up with a comprehensive marketing plan, which could include getting your property listed on appropriate listing sites, connecting you with professional photographers and home stagers, advertising on other channels, and using the agent’s own network to reach the right buyers.

4. Don’t put off home repairs.
Major home improvement projects, such as upgrading your kitchen or adding a deck, may or may not add value to your home. Basic home repairs, however, are must do’s. You need to get your home in tip-top shape before showing it to buyers. Check your roof, the plumbing, alarm systems and other essential details. Repair what’s broken, damaged and unsightly, and if needed, get your home a new coat of paint or finish to give it a fresh look.