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Holiday Gathering Guidebook Blog


Holiday Gathering Guidebook Blog

With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is so much to prepare! From food prep to travel arrangements, this time of year can get hectic. While gathering with loved ones is something cherished, the preparation can be stressful. Here are some of our team’s best tips and tricks for eliminating stress and being prepared for your next gathering! 

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Plan Ahead of Time

Making a game plan for the tasks that need to be completed for your gathering is vital. It allows you to create a schedule, delegate tasks, and stay organized. You’ll want to be sure to include on your to-do list tasks like confirming the guest list, making a shopping list, and planning out your meal. An awesome time saver is to set up your eating area the day before to cut down on your Turkey-Day tasks. 

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Planning your Shopping Trips

Dividing your shopping trips into two separate trips can help you keep a peace of mind that if you forget something on the first trip you can grab it on your second trip. You can plan to make your first trip a week or two before your gathering. This trip you can use to gather all of your non-perishable items, napkins, decorations, etc. Then a few days before your gathering you can do a second trip to get the fresh items and anything you may have forgotten the first trip. This allows you to plan time to shop for any last minute changes to the menu. 

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Time Saving Tips

Whenever planning for a large gathering it is always important to prioritize and find places to save time when possible. You start by preparing certain items such as desserts and side dishes a day or two before your gathering. This can keep your oven open and save time the day of. This will allow more time for preparing the main entrees the day of! Another tip to keep from wasting time on the day of, is to clean out your pantry and fridge, this will allow for open space for storing food items. The less clutter in the kitchen, the better. 

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Asking for Help

Asking help from others attending the gathering is important as there is no need to stress when you can have help. Delegate who is preparing which items and make sure to have help in the kitchen the day of to make sure nothing is missing and to keep the day running smoothly. This also allows you to spend time with friends and family while preparing your meal. Having help from the right people will make the food preparation fun; some of the best memories can be made in the kitchen! 

If you are spending this Thanksgiving with friends and family, these tips are sure to reduce stress and allow for more time to spend with your loved ones. Remembering to take moments to stay calm is so important; the whole point of gathering with family & friends is to spend quality time and make memories with those close to you. From our family to yours we hope you have a wonderful holiday season full of spending time with the ones you love most!