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Your Guide To Nashville Restaurant Week

Your Guide To Nashville Restaurant Week

The time has come- today begins Nashville Restaurant Week! This week is dedicated to restaurants in the Nashville area that are members of Nashville Originals. Nashville Originals is a non-profit independent restaurant association. During this week featured restaurants will be offering special menu items and discounted pricing!

We’ve taken the liberty of choosing a few of our favorite Nashville Originals and given a breakdown of what you can expect from their menus this week as well as some of our team member’s  favorite menu items!

First up is The Yellow Porch in Berry Hill. The Yellow Porch is one of Erin’s favorite restaurants and for Nashville Restaurant Week they are featuring special entree items that will include either an appetizer or dessert in the pricing. By far their most unique dish is celery blue cheese soup. Our team members rave over this dish!

Our Menu Favorites:

-Celery Blue Cheese Soup & Erin’s favorite
-Sweet Tea Brined Pork Chop
-Carrot Cake

Next up is Chago’s Cantina. Chago’s is a mix between fresh Mexican and Latin American with a twist located near Belmont. For Nashville Restaurant Week they are embracing the theme “we cooked a whole hog!” Chago’s is offering specialty menu items ranging from $11 to $14. Some of those unique items include belly tacos, stuffed plantain and piggy tacos. Laura Picataggio, one of our buyer’s agents, is a huge fan of Chago’s. She loves their pork belly tacos and insists they are the best Nashville has to offer!

Our Menu Favorites:
-Anything with plantains
-Belly tacos

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant is a staple in Nashville. A tourist destination as well as a local’s favorite, Puckett’s offers decadent southern cooking. Christin Walker, our marketing coordinator, recommends their breakfast dish Southern Stack- two sweet potato pancakes with pulled pork, fried apples, sunny-side up egg on top of home fries. For restaurant week Puckett’s is serving up a three-course meal for $20.20. This special includes a soup or salad, specialty entree and dessert.

Our Menu Favorites:
-Chicken and waffles
-Short rib
-Buttermilk beignet

Midotwn Cafe is up next on our list. Midtown Cafe is offering two separate menus, one for lunch and one for dinner. Their lunch menu features $5 glasses of wine and two courses for $15.20. Their dinner menu is offering three courses for $29.20 with three pours of paired wine for $15.19. This may just be our favorite offering of the week! Thinking further ahead, Midtown Cafe has a great date menu that would make a perfect Valentine’s dinner destination!

Our Menu Favorites:
-Crispy Brussels sprouts tossed in blood orange vinaigrette and TN white cheddar cheese
-Jack Daniels chocolate pecan pie with whipped cream
-Shrimp & grits with smoked gouda cheese grits